I opened Bay View Fitness to fix mistakes I'd seen in big box gyms.

Too many sales men and not enough fitness professionals. Bay View Fitness is a low pressure gym with experienced fitness professionals.

Personal trainers have the opportunity to make a career at Bay View Fitness as well. We believe this gives our members a greater chance at success while reaching their fitness goals.


Our team


Brenda Rahe  ·  Trainer

World champion athlete, internationally published author, and recognized as a leading authority on healthy lifestyles and peak performance, Brand is a certified personal fitness trainer. As well she is a nutritional consultant, wellness coach, and competition preparation coach. 


Jason Adyniec  ·  Trainer

Jason began his career as a certified personal trainer after graduating from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee in 2005. Jason uses a tailored program of free weights, bodyweight exercises and calisthenics, plyometrics, and corrective exercises to help clients achieve their goals, prevent injury, and improve their health and well-being. Jason believes this process of training helps realign the perception of health and fitness as a lifestyle.


DYLAN CLARK  ·  Trainer

Dylan focuses on teaching his clients how to balance life and fitness so that they can build incredible bodies without having to sacrifice everything else important to them to make it happen. His clients have more time for their kids, friends, or much needed time off after work, while still making great progress. He emphasizes efficient programs which give his clients the most for their time and effort in the gym, and focuses on teaching his clients flexible methods of dieting which allow them to enjoy dinner at a wedding, nights out with friends, or the occasional treat, while still looking fantastic.

To learn more about his methods, view client before/after pictures, client testimonials, or to sign up for a free consultation, refer to his website DylanClarkFitness.com


SAM ARMUS  ·  Trainer

Sam is an ACE certified personal trainer specializing in weight loss, strength training, goal management and full lifestyle fitness. Using a wide range of traditional and non traditional exercises, Sam creates custom tailored programs to get his clients the best results possible while having fun and learning along the way. He has helped motivate countless people to reach their strength and weight loss goals and is a firm believer that no matter how big the challenge, everyone has the ability to achieve their fitness goals and improve their life!

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Jeff Rupnick · Trainer

Jeff is a NSCA Certified Personal Trainer as well as an Onnit Academy Certified Battle Rope Specialist. He specializes in full body functional fitness with emphases on weight training, high intensity interval training and circuit training. Jeff has helped multiple clients achieve their specific goals through custom tailored fitness programs which blend his fitness knowledge and training style with the specific needs of each client. One of his main goals in training is to help his clients obtain a level of fitness that will benefit them not only in the gym, but in their everyday lives.